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Ask HN: What is your startup?
54 points by akos on Jan 5, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 103 comments
I am planning to launch a new blog about startups. So I am in hunt for some awesome tech startups that I could write about. I don't want to publish startups that have been on techcrunch, rww, tnw, I want to publish totally new ones and I know HN is the right place to find some.

My team and I have been working on Lucidchart for a little while now.


It's an HTML5 diagramming and wireframing app. We've had some coverage but are still in the early stages in this billion dollar per year industry. Happy to set you up with an interview with one of our founders.

I've been using your product for awhile now. I love it! Keep up the great work.

Great to hear! If you have any feedback, please let us know. Any killer features missing in your opinion?

We have got some big and fun things coming in the next few months.

I can't think of any missing features that we have run into. We have used it mostly for collaborating database designs. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store!

I like that you can try it without signing in.

Thanks. The instant demo converts quite well. If you have a product where it makes sense to do it, I'd recommend it.

There's a significant segment that doesn't want to provide an email address just to try something quickly to see if ts the right fit.


Aurametrix is an analytics engine driven by knowledgebase of everything related to health. It makes connections between your specific symptoms or measurements and your weather, air quality, food, exercise, and any kind of activities.

Authic is a secure, brandable authentication service that provides nice authentication screens / flow for your web app, allowing you to concentrate on what makes your app unique.


Our MVP does all the standard authentication forms/functionality/ We also make it really easy to hookup social signin with a number of popular providers.

On our roadmap is functionality for group/role manangement and turning your app into a paid subscription service using stripe.

We've launched our closed beta and are looking for a few more beta user developers to get our MVP tight before a wider real launch.

p.s. Please excuse our marketing pages - they are attrocious :-(

Right now we are concentrating on pushing out functionality / changes as requested by our beta developers.

I just launched an internet of things startup for gardeners yesterday. I'd be happy to talk with you.


We launched a physical product - inspired by the AirBNB cereal box story: The WordBiLLY.


What's a WordBiLLY? They are custom-crafted Word Sculptures of your favorite Word/City/Name or Quote. We also make Twitter ID signs - swag for the home and/or office.

We manufacture each BiLLY here in the United States and hand-finish the pieces in our garage before shipping (yes! an American garage company!)

WordBiLLY is a design company focused on creating modern specialty goods in the area of lifestyle products. We are a couple of college seniors at UNCC in Charlotte, NC and we launched this product in the summer of 2012 to pay for our technology startup.

Would love to hear feedback/ product ideas!

Microcosm is a platform for forums, discussion boards.


We're funded by our users (we already own some forums).

London based, but if you're in SF we'll be passing through first week of Feb if you're into having a beer at Zeitgeist.


It's not mine, it's a project of one of the guys in my area. Embed a tiny little tab on your site, and users can easily send you feedback about problems with your site. His software automatically collects information about the user's browser, environment, and configuration, saving you the hassle of trying to figure all that out on your own.

He's done a really nice job on it. We ended up using it on the site for our recent hackathon, and found it was also an easy way to post a quick message to the webmaster about an update.

Looks nice!

https://degoo.com - we offer free online backup in exchange for sharing some of your hard drive space.


Action Shots lets online retailers easily collect, moderate, and display photos of real customers using their products.

We're also moving to help news organizations enable safe user submitted content. The moderation system keeps editors in control while enabling the person on the scene to quickly submit photo content.

Review Mailer (http://reviewmailer.com/) is a tool for iphone developers. You tell it which apps to watch and every time there is a new customer review for that app (on any app store in the world), it will translate it and email it to you. Simple and useful.

Roger That (http://rogerthat.com.au/) is an Australian catch of the day type eCommerce site that is launching soon. Thought we would try for a niche that is not tech!

I have also started a blog that is going to outline how to build a web app that generates $5000/month. First post is here: http://devcomsystems.com.au/2013/01/the-web-app-challenge-ac... I am happy to do some cross promotion of your website if you are interested. Let me know.


It's a social bookmarking / annotation service for the web. Highlight web pages, take notes, share with colleagues and friends. We're just about to launch a collaboration toolset for businesses and organizations. Happy to chat more about it - my email is in my profile.

Really cool. I'd need to be running it to see notes that someone else has made on a web page?

You should be able to see other users' highlights and notes on pages even without signing up. We made sure to include this in case you'd like to share your annotated pages on Facebook, email, etc.

Click on a few of the bookmarks in this collection and you should be able to see my highlights if you want to try it out: https://annotary.com/collections/33/startup-marketing

Yeah, looks nice. One question: how does it differentiate from Diigo.com?

We're differentiating through our focus on social and collaborative features. Groups, collections, following users, and a personal bookmark feed all make it easy to share research with a group, or discover bookmarks and highlights from others in our network with similar interests.

Nice, will definetaly write about it!

Pretty cool - seems similar to clipboard.com though

I have 2 candidates, neither of them are mine but my friends'.

The first one is http://ollaa.com The service lets you share 6 different activities you do most; like eating, drinking, watching, buying etc. It is similar to Path in some aspects. You can connect with one of the cofounders through his site: http://ahmetalpbalkan.com/

The second service is http://gonnasphere.com That is a collaborative to-do list that you can share your gonna's with your friends.

I am not related to any of the services so I might have not explain them well. If anyone is interested they can check them out.

http://www.betapunch.com - we offer a free screen recorded user test for your startup. Of course we provide the option to purchase additional tests too. Get feedback in less than 1 hour from signing up.


BusinessLeads.com lets sales people reach the people they want to pitch to by offering bounties that are paid out directly to whoever connects them with their ideal lead. Crowdsourced business development presents an income stream for anyone with professional contacts who wants to pay it forward while getting paid.

Yes, we know the landing page is no good. But check out the videos and explore the site. Feedback most appreciated.

Recent $2,500 Bounty on Mark Zuckerberg: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4916201


http://smash.ly -- In the about.me/flavors.me space where you create a profile, but in our case we integrate your content in a feed. The idea was spawned by the fact that so many of us have personal domain names that always get outdated, so we built something that uses content you're already creating to make your personal website looking fresh. Here are a couple sample profiles:

http://smash.ly/matt http://degroat.net/

email: chris --at-- degroat.net

This looks very neat! On my list!

Torapp guilloche designer is an online graphics editor and it can be used to design very complicated guilloches for security printing. http://www.torapp.info

Did you pivot from a mobile app that would let you run Tor on your phone?

No, that is not me.


    We print & ship your t-shirt rewards
Website: https://teelaunch.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/teelaunch

Facebook: http://facebook.com/teelaunch

Github: http://github.com/teelaunch

AngelList: http://angel.co/teelaunch


Sign up for early access & updates: http://eepurl.com/tnwV1


Gibbon allows you to learn from those who have already reached your desired goal. We enable experts to share their knowledge by creating channels containing articles, books or videos that they found most valuable. By following their channels you have a rare insight in the mind of an expert and you are presented by a curated, high quality, treasure trove of knowledge. We also enable you to further improve your understanding of a subject by discussing it with fellow readers.

SkillGrind is a marketplace where video gamers can teach other gamers what they know. Teachers can set any price they'd like and can teach whenever they'd like. Lessons are held within our Flash classroom and happen in real-time.


We handle all of the booking, listing, and payment processing (through our PayPal integration). We support screen capturing software such as XSplit and OBS.

Please excuse the rough edges, I am the only engineer and the list of things to get done is long. :)

Offdesk is a web platform where you can access (and build) all the Web-based tools you need to get stuff done. I've

bootstrapped the project and am gearing up for release in a few months.


we leverage the strengths of a social media model and then turn that model inside-out. It's a virtual desktop built around a massive collection of web-based apps,

and the social aspect of the network is shifted to a secondary, supportive role. Welcome to the social worknet.

I'd love to get your opinion on this project.


"Improvely helps you track and improve your online marketing results, while monitoring your ads for signs of click fraud. Easily check the performance of all your ad campaigns, social media links, organic and search traffic from a single dashboard. Plus, set up landing page A/B split tests for any of your ads without having to update URLs in your AdWords or Bing Ads account — losing your hard-earned Quality Score."


Not really a startup per se as it's a non-profit hobby project, but still relevant I suppose since it is, after all, a tech-powered platform. 2studentbodies is a dating website targeted toward college campuses/students.

It's a mashup of Craigslist (ad-style posts), IRC (group-based chat with private messaging), and the now-defunct LikeALittle (college-oriented subsites with the ability to flirt anonymously.)

http://meople.net lets you gather all your friends information flows in one place with ease and never lost the track.


It's not live yet but we're aiming for a Q1 launch. Devoired is a homework help site that connects students (clients) in need of academic assistance with people (contractors) who can help them. Contractors bid on jobs, and clients choose a bid depending on the contractor's reputation and asking price. Our business model revolves around taking a small commission from each completed job.

I'm bootstrapping (almost done!) WiseCash, which brings cash-flow peace of mind to freelancers and small business owners.


A video presentation is available here too:


Free to use while in "private release", and early users will have a discount on the coming monthly subscription.

Feedback most welcome!


Listnerd is a kind of Pinterest for lists. Users can create, share and explore interesting lists about the stuff in their life they care about. The lists are social, so your friends can vote on and add items to your list. It's a democratic approach to list making. We launched the site on the 15h of November, so we could use the exposure :)


Do you have repeatable procedures in your business?

Well-written standard operating procedures provide direction, improve communication, reduce training time and improve work consistency.

We are busy coding a brand new standard operating procedure creation and management tool!

If you would like to chat, please feel free to add me on skype, wclxtn

Or just pop me an email info@procedureoffice.com


Online marketplace for high quality woodworking plans and software on iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows for exploring woodworking plans in 3D: rotate, zoom, isolate, explode, etc... We released the IdeaRoom software very recently, so we have a lot more we plan on adding like resizing the project and customizing wood textures.


In private testing stage now: CrowdEngage enables brands/smb's to easily launch video based engagement campaigns or competitions.

Here is a blog post that should help clarify: http://blog.crowdengage.com/hot-off-the-press-video-marketin...


Member management software for fitness centers & health clubs.

I forwent college to pursue this.

http://cognika.com: founded out of our tech principal's MIT research. We are a visual search company ("Google for video") provisioning search within video or imagery. The query is an image or video clip, we find the Object of Interest and Activities of Interest (e.g persons gathering, vehicular u-turns etc.).

Interesting! Any plans to enter the commercial market?

I just finished my Final year project, I consider it as a startup,

http://officeworld.my/ - Smartphone attendance system.

Walkthrough is available here, http://www.behance.net/gallery/Office-World-Smartphone-Atten...

There are some grammer errors in your introductory text. I'd suggest: "Office World is a smartphone attendance system that allow your employees to check-in and check-out through their smartphones. It is also a Time Tracking application."

thank you, i just fixed it.

Ritc (http://ritc.io) is launching soon. It's a rule engine as a service (platform + api) that allows you to efficiently connect cloud services together to bolt on functionality into your applications.

Think of it like an API that lets you build an IFTTT clone.

Please excuse the site...we haven't quite launched yet!



TradeGig allows you to trade services or "buy" services from others for free. It uses a point system for purchasing (no point needed for trading). Points can be earned (by servicing others) or given (via our daily code posted on fb/tw). Come visit us!

I like it very much!

OnStar + Siri for Shopping. http://helpping.co

Shopping at Target / Walmart / Safeway / etc. and can't find what you're looking for? or just have a question about a product? or just need some help?

Press a button. Talk to a person. Get your problem resolved. Quick. Easy. Simple.

http://www.walletkit.com/ WalletKit is a SaaS platform for businesses to create,manage and deliver to its customers digital Boarding passes,Tickets,Store cards and Coupons for mobile wallets like Apple passbook and Google Wallet.


Artists&Clients lets you quickly hire an artist to create a customized artwork for you (most often digitally). And for the other side, it's a tool that lets artists manage these art commissions.

About to launch BagPix: http://bagpix.com

An easy and quick way to share products you have, want or like with your friends, family and the whole world

Additionally I am working on an way to comunicate securely via text messages and phone calls.

http://www.chatterblock.com/ - family focused activity discovery and discussion. Get in touch with me via the email listed in my HN profile, and I'll put you in touch with the right person.

Launched http://www.cameralends.com/ last weekend for peer to peer camera gear loaning. Not sure I'd call it a 'startup', but it's a service I'm actively working on and trying to grow.

That sounds really handy, but what happens if someone damages your lens?

Right now the lenders are friends of mine, and they understand that I will personally comp them if there is any damage. I realize that won't scale, but it doesn't need to yet -- I'll worry about it if/when it becomes a problem.

Still trying to figure out how to do this :) so any and all feedback is welcome!


A search engine of all Internet-connected devices. Lets you find anything that's on the Internet based on the software it runs, where it's located and a bunch of other filters.

I've got 2! Feel free to contact me at president@nanch.com with any questions :)

https://tarbackup.com - easy linux backup

http://drop.mx - simple private sharing

BoxedCircle makes it easy to connect with like minded people wherever you go.



My startup is www.parkuik.com.

It's all about a collaborative work between all of us to find the best parking spots in all the paces you could ever imagine.

In a few days it ll have an Android app too to find them wherever you want.

Hope I can be listed in your blog!

Merchpin is a self-service merchandizing platform allowing brands and marketers to target products on websites, blogs, Facebook, and more.


Judging from web traffic, it looks like this post got flagged by HN mods.

Which is in my opinion unfortunate, because this a good way to get to know new startups and to give some constructive feedbacks where possible.

I am a bit angry. Sent a message to the mods about this. No reply yet!

"Judging from web traffic", what web traffic? What do you mean?

I was just checking out the realtime traffic to my sites, it was significant for a bit, then it dropped off and the OP's post dropped from the front page.

Ok, thanks for the explanation. I wonder if "Ask" posts fall off the front page faster than link posts.

http://easyendorse.com - easy way to collect/display testimonials on your website. just launched a few weeks ago and haven't had any coverage.

http://www.goingclubing.com Local events in NY.

http://www.nyfreelancers.com local job board.

We're launching https://codeable.io in monday

= Get your WordPress customized, updated or installed by a qualified expert in a matter of minutes.


Serpico is the SEO/Backlink Intelligence product that we just launched. Feel free to contact me at the email in my profile.

I just have started a blog about my first internet startup. It’ll provide an inside look, starting from day 0. I would be pleased if you follow me on twitter: @ptck_s

I've been working on this for a while now: http://blogmate.is/

Saving, organizing, highlighting, and annotating blog articles you find.


Making managing personal finances ridiculously simple. Currently only available for Australian banks.

Been working with a couple of friends on a new CMS which works without a database: http://www.statamic.com

So far...I love the startups guys. Will definetaly dig into most of them for writing a story.

Also it would be useful if you could add your twitter account in the comments!

http://www.nodemesh.net - Although I am the only person working on it, I could use some traction!

Just a little feedback, but I had to go to the AppStore page of HackerNode to find out what Nodemesh actually is. Although I'm still not sure what the relation between Nodemesh and hackernode is exactly. It's a company that develops iOS apps?

Agreed, I have no idea what it does when coming to the home page which makes me want to leave. Maybe a couple of sentences would help with context.

Yeah basically its a cluster of apps that I want to link together in the future. But thanks for the feedback. I do need to work on the website.

Thank you for making HackerNode. It's a great app.

Foresight Streaming Systems is a Twilio for video.


Feedback on the landing page appreciated!

I've got one for you! www.tvphoon.com

Read this and feel free to contact me: http://tvphoon.com/press

Localbitcoins.com, location-based bitcoin-to-cash marketplace. Been running for over 6 months now, almost 10k users and growing.


Knack is the easy way to build online databases and web applications.

None, but I did this last week.



A site to convert your handwritten documents to text.

Review19 = Collaborative decision making + project tracking


It would be exceptionally helpful if you put your email address in your profile, too (in the "about" section).

added my email.

+1, I was just on my way to suggest this also.

In beta. Feedback will be appreciated.


Apple.com - we make phones, computers, and tablets with really aesthetic exteriors.

Wigwamm - an auction for rental property, every Monday night


Http://muscula.com log javascript errors in production :-)

Can't wait to see the blog. What's the link?

www.d-inspire.com collaboration, task & project management

www.postjobfree.com - a job board and resume aggregator.

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