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He mentioned that the intended audience was different, and even talks about it a little -- what he objects to is that people learning C are being pointed to it in a way that removes all of that context. Especially, it seems like holding K&C up as a paragon of "style" offends him.

That's what he means when he says it should be relegated to 'history.'

I'd submit that K&C is the fastest way to learn C if you knew nothing about C, or the best way to acquire the Zen of C, and that for those purposes it's still second to none, and its conciseness is a virtue ... but that Zed might be right about people pointing to it as a paragon of style to newbies who hope to write it professionally someday.

In fact, I'm disappointed that Zed let this project drop. Seemed neat.

you can always read and benefit from an old text without anachronistic mistakes, and any text written today will also be obsoleted quickly. it is usually better reading the masters than the pupils.

>> In fact, I'm disappointed that Zed let this project drop. Seemed neat.

I suppose it's not very interesting to bash someone good work. I think that most important he said in "An overall critique".

I think Shaw's current project is much better. In part because it has a more positive agenda and therefore is freer to define itself - its hard to logically justify Learn Python the Hard Way based upon the perception that there are shortcomings with K&R.

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