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Ironically, I most likely wouldn't hire Kernighan or Ritchie because of their poor programming style.

The one has passed on, the other is currently otherwise engaged. You couldn't afford them, and you're so arrogant that anybody halfway versed in the art will probably not want to be associated with you to begin with.

You'd be HONOURED to work with people of that calibre, but instead you feel you need to show you're better than they are by kicking at them. Trust me, you can't kick that high up.

They (along with Ken Thompson) created C and Unix, the most successful programming language and operating system in history, both still in heavy use over 40 years later.

Long-term success might be a better metric than "style". Just sayin'.

Dennis Ritchie created C. Also, you might have a hard time getting him into your office for an interview; he died just over a year ago.

Your hubris takes my breath away, which makes it difficult to laugh at your ignorance. Painful.

I am sorry, there was no 'hubris' at all. You obviously misunderstood my comment along with other few not very bright people. Recently I had to conduct a number of job interviews on C/C++, and then I came across this article, and a thought came to my mind that great people cannot be measured with a scale of mediocrity, and that the mainstream in every field of human knowledge is used to be very focused on non-essential detail. Sapienti sat, but in your case it is the reversal.

Do you have this a lot, that other, not very bright people misunderstand you?

Looking at your responses, I see you are a guy with very straightforward stereotypic thinking, you are aggressive, and your little taunt is also childishly primitive and straightforward. Does it make sense to talk to you at all? So the answer is 'no', of course, I do not 'have this a lot', as I usually simply ignore this kind of people, but unfortunately there is an option to downvote a comment for the benefit of the stupid.

I understand where you're coming from now. I think your delivery needed work -- it relied too much on your own mental context.

Since the OP was critical of K&R, it made sense to interpret your remark in that context rather than the one you mention.

They probably wouldn't be interested in your project, so it is a win-win.

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