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I concur, I wonder honestly whether this is a matter of hubris becoming more important than accuracy.

The accurate fact is that K&R C is a book about C. It is not the end-all, but rather an introduction to the language. Sure, it has thorns. Sure, you'd be a fool to adopt the style from it; this speaks more of the culture of its readership than the book itself, however. The authors are very honest that their samples are an attempt to engage the readers attention in the Language; especially the Ingenue, new-comer, non-Professional C programmer.

To that end, the book succeeds; new C programmers get an introduction, a light read, a good set of nomenclature to understand the topic further, and so on. It is not intended, in spite of the cultural proclivity towards these things, to be "A Bible of C".

And if it were, no professional C coder worth their salty words these days would be without the New Testament, right alongside K&R on the neglected end of the bookstack, which book is of course: "Advanced C Programming - Deep C Secrets" which explains rather a lot more about the thorns of Professional C, and more, in an equally comfortable manner as both K&R, the Authors of C as well as books about C, have done.

In my opinion, Peter Van Linden has already done to K&R what Zed doesn't seem to have the humility to do; proven its value to the newcomer in becoming one step closer to a professional.

agreed. Once you know C, deep C secrets takes it to a whole new level and is an great body of work. My 3 C books are

1- K&R 2- C Traps and pitfalls 3- Deep C secrets.

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