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Popular suggestions (not introductory):

    C Interfaces and Implementations (David R. Hanson)
    Expert C Programming (Peter van der Linden)
I'm also a fan of C Programming: A Modern Approach (K. N. King) as an introductory book, but it's very different in intended audience from K&R. King is writing for students, and he assumes nearly nothing. K&R are really writing for experienced fellow programmers, I think. So it's an apples to oranges comparison. But King is certainly more modern. He includes a fair amount of C99 material. The writing can't compare with K&R. It's nowhere near as dense or elegant. But if you find parts of K&R a bit too dense and elegant, it's a good trade-off. (I used them both in tandem while trying to learn C this summer. It worked well for me. When King got too verbose, switch to K&R. When K&R lost me, switch to King.)

King's book was my introduction to serious programming when I was younger. In an era of my life where I usually prefer ebooks, I still have King's book, in dead-tree format, and love it.

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