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Zed and his writings are not to be taken too seriously.

I suspect this one is a diversionary tactic.

I guess Zed Shaw suffers from nerd burnout. As in, a sort of more emotional burnout from having had to deal with them all the time in the past - or at least, that's what I get from some of his writings anyway. So I imagine him popping this stuff in as a sort of early warning system. It's all true enough to be right, and true enough to get his point across, BUT IT'S NOT TRUE ENOUGH FOR A NERD. So any time somebody complains about his strcpy example, or 0-terminated C strings, or whatever, that's his nerd alert. This person is not worth dealing with, and now he can block them, or set up a mail filter to put their email in the junk folder, or whatever, without having had to invest any time in finding this out the long way.

There was also a bit in one of his essays about the way ruby fans were always these stupid armchair pop psychologists.

I think it functions less as a "nerd" alert but more as a "recognizes I may not be as profound as I like to imagine myself" alert.

I mean, he's right.. but he's not being profound. You may as well tell me that I should be careful about losing precision while using floats. Yes... no shit?

Yeah, when your entire career and persona is built around being the only intelligent person in an industry full of idiots, it is natural to need to drive all the knowledgeable people out of your personal space.

"C is a ghetto"

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