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The anime form isn't the "original", but itself an adaptation of the manga. I don't have a huge problem in principle with media forms being adapted into other media forms, though, so that isn't really a knock against it. Imo whether an adaption is good is more interesting than the status as original/adaptation/remake. Some adaptations and remakes are good!

Yes, the original format is manga, and I have a few volumes -- the overlap is remarkable. As if Madhouse studios took the pictures, enhanced them, gave them a flow and breathed life into them with excellent voice acting and music.

The manga is outstanding because of the plot, but nothing beats the anime.

The extreme example is when the translation is actually better than the original, for a book.

Edgar Alan Poe's tales translated by Baudelaire are said to be one of such cases.

Maybe someone should publish a translation of Baudelaire's translation

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