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...5 minutes ago

"Paul, come look at this cool new recipe website. This is awesome. It's like a really good recipe sharing site" - Sonia (she points to Punchfork on her screen).

"Oh, I just saw on HN it got acquired by Pinterest." - me

"Wait what?" (Sonia reads the announcement) "'we will soon be retiring the Punchfork site, API and mobile apps'..." What the? I just found this site and now it's gone??"

"Yup." - me

Maybe congratz to the founders who got an early exit, but it seems like another unfortunate case of users getting the short end of the stick.

Maybe we need better business models. Maybe Sonia would have paid $10/month for Punchfork. Who knows. I paid for Sparrow, and that didn't seem to help.


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