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If these systems were not reliable the 500 million tourists visiting the EU last year would not have been able to get a visa or not be able to pass border control points. That's just the visa specific parts, so yeah you could say it's somewhat reliable.

The users being used to telephone and fax being the reason they are okay with WCF? Maybe in the 80's, but it's been a while since then.

We are talking 10 mill+ daily transactions as a low brow estimate. A transaction in this case being a bit more complex than the page viewing of a cat picture. These are systems with dev and maintenance teams of hundreds and hundreds of deveLopers globally, working for 5-10 years. To refer to this as the scale of a smallish web app, well...

That's not much. We handle that every 7-10 minutes and these are complex quoting, transformation, credit scoring and CRM functions. WCF has been a big problem for us.

That's great that you handle such an amount, congrats I guess? But you are seriously saying that 10 mill+ transactions every day is similar to a smallish web app?

And would you really say that a technology handling such an amount of transactions in such a critical setting is not ready for production?

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