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You missed out on a statistics lecture.

It does not matter whether you or anyone else in particular searches for "{language} tutorial" as long as there is a significant amount of people who do, and that amount of people is roughly the same percentage for every language to get an accurate estimate of language popularity.

And for estimating popularity growth the percentage does not even have to be the same across languages.

For these estimates to work the only thing you need is something that clearly identifies user interaction with that computer language. The internet is big enough to allow this to work for even very small percentages.

That said, I don't agree with "{{language}} tutorial" as a measure of language learning popularity. This is because a lot of the growth from the Java programming world comes from formal schooling. Almost every college or university teaches Java, it could be that the percentage of people learning Java through tutorial is significantly less than other languages.

edit: downvoted because I am very wrong for a reason stated in that nice comment below >_>

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