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Buffer (http://bufferapp.com) - Anywhere in the world (we're a distributed team)

I hope you are having a fantastic day. Happy new year :-)

I'd love for you to come join Buffer for the fun ride. We're a small team of 7, we have 450,000 users and are about to hit a $1M annual revenue run rate. There are some super interesting challenges ahead and just around the corner we're expecting even faster growth through our mobile efforts.

2 key areas we're looking for help with:

    - JavaScript (+HTML5, CSS, Backbone.js) to lead our webapp 
      and browser extension development
    - DevOps (we're PHP/MongoDB on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and it's
      been put together by a couple of full stack hackers so there
      will be a lot that could be improved!)
If you're interested in coming on board, you will:

    - work primarily with myself and my co-founders Leo and Tom
    - be a happy, positive-minded and kind person who has a great
      approach in dealing with others
    - be a Buffer user (would be awesome, it’s cool if not)
    - be friendly and comfortable helping our users
    - be anywhere in the world, and if you'd like, you have help and
      support from us to move to where you want to be
    - have experience working with another startup before (would
      be awesome, it’s cool if not)
You’ll be amongst people who are striving for success and pushing themselves forward each and every day. Everyone here seems to progress at an incredible pace, we want to do everything to make that happen for you as well. Whether you want to start speaking, blogging, learning marketing or have other areas of personal growth, you’ll have my personal support and the whole team as a resource too.

Great salary and equity - $85k-$140k, 0.5-1.5%.

If this sounds fun, let's have a chat. I'm looking forward to it! I'm Joel, drop me an email directly - joel@bufferapp.com.

+1 for the transparency of the posting. Getting the salary range out there, and the equity range out there makes a lot of sense.

Quick tip: People are somewhat jaded with platitudes like "be amongst people who are striving for success..." Instead, try to bring out examples of the awesome Buffer culture. What makes you quirky and rare? What can you say about yourselves that few other startups would say?

That's great advice Dharmesh, I think I can be much more specific there. Thanks for the heads up.

For anyone reading who's interested, I think this might be the best example of how seriously we take self-improvement at Buffer:

Each day we have a daily standup video call (Google Hangout) with the whole team. Each person has 3 minutes to talk. Like most standups, we talk about what we've done and what we're doing next. The thing that we do which I don't know that any other startups do, is that as part of that 3 minutes we also share a daily improvement. Something we're working on to improve ourselves. It can be related to Buffer, but usually it isn't. Some examples of improvements people have worked on: start blogging every 2 weeks, speak at first event, speak to a new person every day, learn japanese, wake up an hour earlier. We all encourage each other with our improvements, and this helps us push forward much faster than otherwise. It's a really positive environment and there is built in accountability.

I think this is one of the best companies one could work for and learn from :)

email sent.

That list at the end reads like my personal checklist (even the Japanese, in particular). Let me attest to the value in all those activities.

You pretty much stole my attention for the evening with that explanation. Good thing I've almost finished this short story outline! Look forward to an email from me.

Would you be interested in interns?

we're looking primarily for full-time help but definitely drop me a note anyway :-) joel@bufferapp.com

Joel Just mailed you. Let's see what comes up.

P.s: I am not an intern :)

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