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Funny - the other day I showed a friend the top-of-the-line SAMSUNG Series 9 Ultrabook, which outspecs and outclasses Macbooks, but is slightly more expensive - guess what he said? "But at this price, you could get a Macbook!"

Yup. Whenever someone says "OMG Macs are so much more expensive than PCs!" Then you look online for a comparable PC laptop, find it....and its more expensive...always. Apple just does so well on logistics the other OEMs are crying.

I have my eye on a Carbon right now for work, its only a few hundred dollars more than a 13" air but work won't by macs.

The X1 Carbon is actually going for a little bit less than the 13" Air, at least for the base model of each.


Ironically, I have to buy in china where they are apparently still more expensive. And then throw in the touch.

aviraldg didn't say it was comparable, he said it outspecs and outclasses the macbook.

yup yup


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