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Thanks a Million (archive.org)
20 points by cleverjake 1783 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

With $1M they could only buy 4 PB of storage? That's $250/TB, too expensive!

For comparison, Backblaze deployed petabytes of storage at 1/5th the cost at $55/TB (including server costs): http://blog.backblaze.com/2011/07/20/petabytes-on-a-budget-v...

(In all fairness, Backblaze costs assume 3TB drives costing $120. Due to last year's Thailand floods, a 3TB drive costs $150 today. But this only puts Backblaze at $65/TB at today's prices, still a lot cheaper than $250/TB.)

It seems to me that archive.org could try harder to reduce their costs. I can't imagine their workloads being much different than Backblaze (in both cases, most of their data is being accessed/read rarely, with mostly slow continuous writing/archiving.)

A very important difference is that 99%+ of backblazes bandwidth is inbound (people storing their files). Inbound bandwidth is free at most datacenters. Transmitting data (like archive.org does when you request to see a webpage) is not and could account for most of the price difference you see.

This also does not count that archive.org likely needs more infrastructure than BB does for serving files, caching, etc.. They are one of the most visited (top 250) websites after all.

What they said:

> $1,000,000! [...] enough to purchase 4 petabytes of storage. Beyond that, this will help us archive books, music, video and web sites.

I think this means that $1MM is an amount of capital that allows them to buy 4PB of storage, while also spending on their other needs. Not that they will simply turn $1MM into 4PB of spinning rust.

As an aside, I thought the 'flood prices' were a result of price fixing/collusion, not actual floods.


Storage might not include backups and redundancy. In case of archive.org you could easily assume 4-5 drives per drive for that. They might also take power consumption, installation, space etc into account.

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