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Thanks for this. When I was first getting into programming, people would tell me and others like myself to "go contribute to open source projects". I don't think they realized just how daunting and impossible that seemed to us at the time. To be honest, none of us even knew where to begin.

1. Find a project you like 2. Spend a weeks looking at the code

The daunting part is the time commitment.

This. You invest in a project and find out with your first merge the maintainers are assholes and toss out fine commits. I've seen that happen a bunch. It is why there are so many freaking forks, and a lot of them end up atrophying because one person can't recreate an ecosystem.

Well, many of us still don't. I don't think I have the necessary teamwork skills. I just want to code, I don't want to deal with people who do, or read thousands of lines of foreign code.

You may not want to read code, but you need to read code. I don't really consider code reading to be teamwork skill. Code reading is an essential coding skill.

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