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More game developer start-up experiences (mikeducker.wordpress.com)
18 points by MikeDucker 1634 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite

Interesting part of the failed Kickstarter is that they got 5/10 pledges for £5,000 or more - with that level being for people looking to license their fight/kinect tech. Makes sense to me, since the trailer and all the game info is more a tech demo for the tech. There's not indication of a plot or any interesting gameplay aside from following along kinect prompts. I've got a feeling they had a lot more on those two fronts, but decided to feature only the tech?

you’re here because you wanted to be here and guess what: at the end of the day you were right to want that – persevere through the pain and win or lose you’ll come out a winner

Good to hear he's still positive about his choices even with the Kickstarter failing, and hopefully he will have learned a lot from this for his next project. Takes a lot to be positive after spending that much time and having the market turn it down.

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