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VC Money Is Not a Curse (avlesh.wordpress.com)
20 points by sooperman 1635 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

Thanks for writing this. From my conversations with several in the new-company/new-product space (mostly in New Delhi and Bengaluru), I know many of these points will help clear the fog.

That said, there are companies that exist and have been succeeding in their goals across the spectrum (i.e. the spectrum that ranges from "Only Bootstrapped" to "Only Investor's Money") - and what matters in each case are the people involved. Good bootstrappers / Bad Boostrappers / Prudent investors / Good investors / Emotional investors / Hellish investors - it depends on who you get and when.

Essentially, Point #3 in your post is gold. Thanks for articulating this.

I am glad it resonates with you. Can't agree more with your second para too.

TL;DR: 5 myths about funded companies:

- Funded companies are all about fake business plans

- Funded companies are all about overpaid teams and making losses

- Funded companies are all about investors sitting on your board and driving decisions

- Funded companies are all about more for investors and less for founders

- Funded companies are all about sadist, not-so-cool people

Seemed a bit of a straw man argument, really. I don't think those are the best criticisms of taking VC money.

I advice reading the full post when you get time.

:-) .. aptly summarized.

This seems like a list of debunked myths that no one actually believed anyway.

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