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Top Tech Companies Of 2012 (forbes.com)
7 points by acremades 1754 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

Interesting that all of these except for one are consumer companies and startups. To me it seems like more of just a list of starups with consumer buzz than top tech companies. And why are only pre-ipo companies considered? What about Intel? VMware? Microsoft? Apple? Oracle? Google? Samsung? Am I really to believe that fab.com or ZocDoc is a bigger tech company for 2012 than some of the companies I mentioned?

"The list is based on exits, valuations by A+++ investors and rapid growth."

So, yes, it appears their definition of "Tech Companies" is skewed towards web startups.

Best performing IPO of the year: Guidewire Software.

But why would anyone at Forbes have heard of them?

Shouldn't it be renamed to top ten web based companies?

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