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I've done them as an introduction to the Clojure language and it's been great.

Now I'm into 4clojure to keep on practising the syntax and to get my mind to think _the functional way_

Any other resource to be suggested?

I did a few Project Euler (http://projecteuler.net) problems in Clojure after doing the koans. I found it really helpful to implement solutions in some imperative or multi-paradigm language, and then go back and do the solutions again in Clojure. Each problem made me curious about the best way to solve it in Clojure, which led to lots of learning.

I've had fun solving the Rosalind collection of introductory bioinformatics problems: http://rosalind.info/problems/list-view/

I was playing with the Rosalind problems using clojure. It was great fun, although I did evil things with the clojure combinatorics library and in one memorable session, datomic datalog.

I need to revisit them, but the thornier (for me) problems kept distracting me from other work.

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