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http://www.contemporist.com Daily routine because of my obsession with architecture, home design and styles.

http://www.reddit.com/r/ArtisanVideos/ Hours and Hours of video on how things are built, by hand. I'm utterly fascinated by the craft of building tangible objects with your hands.

http://wireframes.linowski.ca A legend in the Interaction Design field

http://sidebar.io/ ..and most recently, I enjoy getting my design related digest from Sacha Greif & Co.

Thanks for mentioning Sidebar!

By the way, the HN crowd might be interested to know Sidebar is built with Meteor (on top of Telescope actually: http://telesc.pe).

Sidebar loads very slow and the ajax spinner doesnt stop spinning. Mind sharing how it was build and where it is hosted?

Yeah, sorry about that, that happens sometimes. It's built with Meteor and hosted on EC2.

Interesting what has been your experience with meteor so far? are you enjoying the framework ?

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