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Ask HN: What are your daily must-read sites?
70 points by mitgux on Dec 30, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 41 comments
As Hacker/Developer or designer interest, beside HN of course ;)

I don't have particular must-read sites so much as collection of sites with potentially interesting material set up in Pulse which I scan through twice a day or so.

I end up reading stuff from HN [1], The Verge [2], Wired[3], A VC[4], VentureBeat[5], AllThingsD[6], Technology Review [7] and Ars Technica [8] most often.

They aren't strictly digital related, but I get a lot out of Archinect [9] and core77 [10] for design interest.

1: http://news.ycombinator.com/newest, 2: http://www.theverge.com/, 3: http://www.wired.com/, 4: http://www.avc.com/, 5: http://venturebeat.com/, 6: http://allthingsd.com/, 7: http://www.technologyreview.com/, 8: http://arstechnica.com/, 9: http://archinect.com/, 10: http://core77.com/

http://hckrnews.com (my preferred interface to Hacker News)

I got tired of visiting each site individually so I built http://skimfeed.com

http://www.contemporist.com Daily routine because of my obsession with architecture, home design and styles.

http://www.reddit.com/r/ArtisanVideos/ Hours and Hours of video on how things are built, by hand. I'm utterly fascinated by the craft of building tangible objects with your hands.

http://wireframes.linowski.ca A legend in the Interaction Design field

http://sidebar.io/ ..and most recently, I enjoy getting my design related digest from Sacha Greif & Co.

Thanks for mentioning Sidebar!

By the way, the HN crowd might be interested to know Sidebar is built with Meteor (on top of Telescope actually: http://telesc.pe).

Sidebar loads very slow and the ajax spinner doesnt stop spinning. Mind sharing how it was build and where it is hosted?

Yeah, sorry about that, that happens sometimes. It's built with Meteor and hosted on EC2.

Interesting what has been your experience with meteor so far? are you enjoying the framework ?

Reddit, for starters. There are a lot of great sub-Reddits you can subscribe to and you can remove a lot of the pointless default ones (/r/atheism, /r/politics, /r/aww, etc.) so you end up with a feed that really suits you.

http://inbound.org/ is basically HN for people also interested in online marketing, SEO, etc - lots of great practical stuff ends up on there that never makes HN.

Thanks for mentioning inbound -- hadn't seen that one before and looks good for SEO/marketing/etc.

Are there other similar HN-type sites that are business-oriented?

James Gurney's blog Gurney Journey http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.co.uk/.

StackOverflow newest C++/Python questions


Seth Godin

Google Reader


+1 for xkcd I often end up re-reading old comics when there aren't any new ones.

In no particular order




Reddit - todayilearned, science, politics, askreddit


I come to Hacker News just for the opinion articles that people post. I also love to read The Verge.

Prismatic for personalized articles [1] and the amazing HackerWeb for iOS [2] for a fix on the go.

1: http://getprismatic.com/ 2: http://hackerwebapp.com/

http://andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com/ Andrew Sullivan: balanced political commentary from a British conservative living in America and who voted for Obama.

The Economist

If i'm researching something:

HNsearch.com, Topsy.com, pinboard.com, stackoverflow.com, getprismatic.com, subreddits for specific topics.

Sometimes, delicious.com, which i used to go every day.

subject matter specialists on twitter,


If i'm not researching something:

I open chrome and firefox pages to manage extensiosn/addons and those are the only pages i let myself open (my version of no-procrast)

I use Flipboard to aggregate the best stories from several sources. They have a heap of design feeds already listed as well as business, tech and HN in there too. Best part is its easy to flick quickly through headlines, share what you want and also save to instapaper for later.

1. Quora - To participate in discussions and learn new things 2. http://zenhabits.net - Minimalism and Better habits 3. Reddit/r/Science 4. Techcrunch, GigaOm, Engadget - Tech Trends 5. Fubiz.net - For daily dose of inspirations

I used to keep up with tens of blogs and sites via RSS, as I got busier it became obvious I couldn't possibly keep up with all of them. Now HN & NYTimes is the only place I visit and occasionally Lifehacker. HN filters out most of what I don't care about.

O'reilly radar - 4 daily links is what I read when I don't even have time for HN. If it's one of the things I really care about, it usually ends up on there. http://radar.oreilly.com/

I use Prismatic (http://getprismatic.com) which gives me more than enough to read on a daily basis. I also use Zite on my iPad (because Prismatic doesn't have an iPad app -- yet?).


Too many websites to visit each time, I read from this small toy feed reader : http://bit.ly/10SNaFJ

HN, Pinboard popular and recent, New York Times, Reddit

I went over to Pinterest and took a look at the popular and found nothing worth looking EVERY DAY. That's when I realized you said PinBOARD and not PinTEREST.

Hacker news, GitHub (new and trending projects), AngelList, Twitter, Dribbble, and sometimes Facebook.

HN, Techmeme, Twitter. My Twitter feed is mostly pointers to tech/design articles.

I stopped using Dzone ages ago. It has become a mixture of spam and dangerously stupid disinformation. It's being heavily gamed and the owners don't care.

Honestly, I'm also at the edge of my patience.

I mentioned it for completeness.

HN and various tech sites I follow on Twitter. Also reddit.

For me: NYTimes, Techmeme and Hacker News

I like Microsoft's Channel9 website

HN, TC, GigaOm and theRegister

Mostly, BBC


Drudge Report


Reddit, HN, /. and if I am still unsatisfied I check Pocket or my myriad of RSS feeds in Google Reader from which blogs like Jeff Atwood et al

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