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Oh, this topic again. What the heck...

>Nowadays Silicon Valley says that college education is a waste.

I wasn't aware of Silicon Valley being of one voice on this matter. Is there a representative spokesperson I don't know about?

>I find this disturbing. I want them to educate better citizens, not richer business people.

Personally, I'm not aware of how college made me a better citizen.

> But first comes the person, not the bank account.

I am not a better person than someone who didn't or couldn't go to college.

>When you look at the problems our democracy has, probably the biggest one is the "low information voter."

After the grade pressure was off, a potential job was the only thing that could get me to research anything. Later on, I learned to let my own curiosity have a say in what I looked into. I think I became a lot more "educated" when I got to that point.

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