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As a current college sophomore, I agree, education is important. However, I strongly believe that a degree does not define a person as educated. As long as you continuously have a general thirst for knowledge and act on it, you'll build your way to becoming an educated individual.

Excellent, now what part does mathematics play in your model of education?

PS: I have learned to respect craft skills over the years. Those skills do not normally earn degree level certification in the UK (exceptions being surgeons, opticians and dentists).

Depends on the flavour of the mathematics being taught. If it's a computational calculus course where all you do is memorize integration patterns so you can integrate a boatload of functions, then it's not very beneficial. However if it's a logic course, where you learn how to prove theorems and understand what a proof really is, it would help you in any field. As long as the course doesn't train you to become a computer than I believe it's beneficial to one's education.

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