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    Google, for a company that reputes to perform
    services, is probably the single most consumer-
    unfriendly company on the planet. 
They're really not. This is overstated.

Try dealing with some kind of loss-making monopoly, where the people who work there don't care or may even have a perverse grudge against customers and want to cause them harm.

Look at the way united airlines treated a passenger whos guitar they busted up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo

There are companies who wage campaigns against their customers. They have a policy of not paying credit notes except under extreme pressure. But they might also have call centre staff with no job tracking system call you to chase you for your bill, where the staff don't even know whether you've paid it or not. Why? Because some stats somewhere said that bullied customers are more likely to pay.

Google is flawed but has some endearing things going for it: the employees are intelligent people, they tend to be caring types.

Worse examples have never ever been a good excuse.

Worse examples are useful when someone starts by saying silly things like "probably the single most consumer-unfriendly company on the planet."

Ah yes, the mythical intelligent and caring Google employee. At least United Airlines has a fucking phone number.

Google has phone support for a wide variety of products. Google Wallet is at 1-855-492-5538, Google Play is at 855-836-3987, and other products support numbers are available in the administration console (Apps, Ad-related products, etc.)

They are real people and they do care.

At least those bother to acknowledge their customers, even if their response is wrong. At least it gives you a chance to fight back.

Google simply utterly ignores any kind of complaint. There is no worse way to treat people than to completely deny their existence.

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