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Apple prides itself on good customer care, so I wouldn't say so.

I had a similar issue with my Apple Developer License. My address wash Spanish, my credit card from the UK (as I was working there in that time) and they systems locked me out of everything because it wasn't normal.

I shot a mail address using a contact form and in less than 24 hours I got a phone call which solved all my issues in that same call.

I've been locked out of my AdSense account for breaking the TOS, but they won't tell me which point of the TOS I've broken (which, as far as I can tell, was none) and the only way to get around this was just to create a different AdSense account. Which is against their TOS BTW.

PS. That interaction with Apple was not the first not last, but the only related with an online service. They've fixed hardware, dealt with recalls and even took care of stuff outside warranty.

He said isn't necessary, a counter example does nothing to argue against that statement.

Apple's developer support on the other hand, is atrociously bad. This article is about a developer account.

Unless you are trying to get an app past App Store reviewers.

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