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Isn't this what your credit card company is for?

I had an issue where Paypal never refunded the $2 fee for verifying my account and instead pocketed the cash instead. I got my bank to issue a chargeback over the phone - it took all of five minutes.

Then your GMail account is instantly locked for fraud activity, since you foolishly used the same account for everything. Good luck contacting them for support to fix it.

This is why you should avoid Google when you can.

They're eating the Internet. The more you depend on them, the harder it'll be to cut ties when they give you crap.

Has this actually ever happened to anyone?

That can only get the money back, while the author would clearly prefer he get the service he paid for months ago (and be able to deploy/promote his software).

Complicating the transaction with a dispute/chargeback could make that real goal even harder to achieve, not just by making the previous purchase attempt appear 'unpaid', but also perhaps giving his account/card a 'uses chargebacks' flag within Google.

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