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It's not hard at all to do this test yourself, and I've done it. Not sure what the argument is-- Twitter is fine with unicode characters. Are you seeing something different?

Maybe some of the clients or the SMS stuff doesn't like it, but the core site will let you type 140 unicode characters and share that with people.

There is no argument, I'd like to know how they handle it. Since I don't use a language that uses a lot of wide characters, nor do I use twitter via SMS (I barely use my twitter account as it is), I'm interested as to what the experience is.

According to


SMS can use the default 7-bit GSM encoding, an 8-bit encoding or UTF-16, giving maximum lengths of 160, 140 or 70 chars/code points, respectively.

That said, I think a lot of phones don't have full unicode support.

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