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If you say, "5-10% of your diet should be meat" you will find your audiences much more receptive than if you say "You shouldn't eat meat". In my case this is because I don't trust extremist anything, particularly when it comes to food.

If the former is your belief and not the latter, please open that way.

I was reflecting the message of Fuhrman MD. He's not saying 5-10% should be, but COULD be meat or animal products (including eggs, dairy, etc). 0% is also fine or even better. He allows this percentage because some people find it too restrictive to be vegetarian or vegan. So optimally you should keep it as low as possible, but there isn't much lost if you still keep it around 5%. Most people don't realize one egg is already that amount. You'd have to eat vegan the rest of the day to stay within limits. Animal products can be used as condiments to flavor your food, not as a substantial part of your diet. If you want to have a look at the scientific data, read his book(s).

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