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Show HN: WhenEpisode.com (Simple weekend project) (whenepisode.com)
81 points by vojant 1756 days ago | hide | past | web | 65 comments | favorite

Pretty cool. I like the thinly-veiled SEO work in the "See also" section. Smart :)

On a show's page, I'm confused by the "Featured series" button that leads to the homepage as seen here: http://whenepisode.com/coming/t/breaking+bad Since it's a button I thought it would add the show to the featured shows (for my session), but it's just a link.

That's actually a "problem" I've been having with series I watch on Hulu, which made me check my queue every now and then just to see that, no, there wasn't a new episode of The Office this week…

My way to solve problems is mostly through Chrome extensions these days, so, here is the shameless plug for the extension I built: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/qulu-–-your-hulu-q... A badge shows you when you have new shows to watch from your Chrome toolbar.

I installed your chrome qulu plugin...nice work! It partially solves the problem I describe on the main thread. However, the badge showed me all the episodes in my queue, even the ones that I had already watched. Also, I have started using the "favorites" section instead of the queues interface in Hulu. It would be great if the plugin could tell me new episodes of my favorite shows..

the badge showed me all the episodes in my queue, even the ones that I had already watched.

It will actually show the new ones as "+4" for example until you click it, then it shows the total number of shows in your queue. However, Hulu should automatically be removing the shows you've watched, not sure why it doesn't.

I'll have to look at the favorites section… I'm not really sure how it works actually. It seems that new episodes added to your favorites will be added to your queue by default, no? Maybe it's not by default and just the way I have mine set up. I could look into it, but at first sight, it seems that it would be a fairly significant change, since I would need to track down the existing episodes for each favorite show and then periodically check again on each show page. Whereas I only check on the queue page for now.

I like it. It's more series-focused than other sites I've seen, which is easier than flipping through months trying to find when Breaking Bad starts again. (http://pogdesign.co.uk/cat/)

The pogdesign TV calendar is amazing. It does have a next airing page, which you can filter if you sign up. It also lets you specify your time zone, which is very useful for me (in the UK).

Instantly bookmarked. Useful, simple, and no nagging sign up or share buttons plastered everywhere.

What are your plans going forward?

Not much, simple FB fan page and auto posting reminds about new episodes.

I like it, but would suggest repeating the date of the next episode on the individual pages and making this the most noticeable like you did on the frontpage. Perhaps even making it linkable so it scrolls down to the episode in question (and highlighting it).

Please consider an API. Having this data in an easily parseable format like JSON would be awesome.

Seconded. I'd love having access to an API.

Great job on the site.


If youre adding tons of shows add search too. Can't go wrong with elasticsearch :)

A categorization in "running", "on hiatus" (e.g.: Community) or "finished" (e.g.: House) would be nice.

Also: a calendar and feature to semi-personalize it, by simply using cookies to store series "to watch". Merge both for a semi-personalized calendar.

Speaking of "Episodes", this series is missing ;-)

Wow, great. Searched for a site like this a while now, but never found one with such a simple interface. I would like to have an API though, to integrate it into my current episode-reporting-bot :)

US only? :( A service like this that existed for all online services (country independent) and TV channels (eg: Netflix UK, Netflix US, iTunes, HBO...) would be awesome.

This is a basic feature of all the private TV trackers i've been on. I've yet to see a good one that's publicly available and not associated with some piracy site.

They all use http://thetvdb.com/ iirc.

As an American who has a slightly hard time figuring out when new series of less popular panel shows air in the UK, agreed completely.

Pretty cool for TV watching! In my case, I do most of my TV watching online - Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. And when I sit down to watch something I spend 90% of my time searching for a show and obviously end up not watching anything :-P Anybody else has the same "problem"? Anybody know of a product that keeps an eye on my different sources and tells me when something new or interesting (for me) pops up?

FYI, "sezon" (sic) is written as "season." Cool project!

Oh, I thought 'sezon' was a new slang term for 'season'. Haha.


Also, when listing episodes, the date "unknow" should be "unknown".

Nice site, I really like the clean design. I'll be using this in conjunction with TV Calendar (http://www.pogdesign.co.uk/cat/).

Android users, if you are looking for a great way to track your show, you should try out SeriesGuide Show Manager, excellent app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.battlelanc....

Really good job on this. One feature that you might want to think about is adding support for timezones. I live in Europe so I have to re-calculate all times in my head. It would be nice to have an option to set a specific timezone.

Good idea, I will add It soon.

Dude, you should put an about page. Link to who you are, why you did this, how do I find you? (Twitter, FB etc. This is a really good piece for your portfolio.

Good developers (who have ideas & are proactive) are always in high demand!

Really nice! Maybe I'm missing it, but a series filter would be great on the home page. I'd like to type the name of the program I'm interested in and just hit enter. Gonna bookmark this either way and see how it develops.


Give me an email notification option for when they'll be aired and this will be perfect.

Yes, +1 for some type of notification. When shows are added (Nurse Jackie?) or when a new date is added

Is it automated?


Would be interesting to hear more about how you built it.

twitter bootstrap + simple scripts in PHP. I've created small custom cms to add new series. I get episodes and air dates from epguides.com. Hosting: Cheap linode instance.

Looks great! A web feed (and/or email notifications) of selected shows would be helpful.

By the way, a similar service for album releases: https://muspy.com/

I have been using http://episodecalendar.com/ for this, to manage my shows and where im at. Does anyone have similar picks?

I've been using TV Forecast on my iPhone for quite some time. They also do widget and iPad versions.


I've been using episodecalendar too, great service.


Keeps track of which shows you've watched, which you need to record, and which you have but haven't watched yet.

Nice work, very impressive for a weekend project! Did something similar a couple years ago called http://remembertowatch.com.

This is great. If you could then link each episode to a torrent on the pirate bay and notify me each time a new episode is released, you would be my hero.

Can someone explain what is the difference between this and existing ones like: http://onmytv.info/


for me theres too many missing shows for this to be useful. Just because I'm american I dislike the date formatting. The list by seasons should be in reverse order from the latest, because really isn't that what matters. Theres a lot of other resources for this, but I'd like to see it in a weekly type view, but again theres too many missing shows.

my fav website like this has been http://www.pogdesign.co.uk/cat/

Great idea! On the long run, if you keep it as simple as possible and clutter free, you'll have a winner. Good job.

Thanks for positive feedback.

I like the simplicity of this. Where are you pulling the thumbnail images from?

Please add support for showing the air time and (if you select your TV provider) channel.

I use www.mytvrss.com which can be customized for specific shows.

What about adding a feature for email/sms/calendar reminders?

Didn't have the first show I went to check. (Shark Tank)

Needs more Adventure Time! Other than that, nice.

Season <--- is spelled this way, not sezon.

Thanks :)

Great, where do you get your data?

Nice work!

Very cool

Thanks :)


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