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I admire Amazon. I just don’t shop there anymore. (pandodaily.com)
14 points by wpnx 1812 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

This is such an amazing coincidence. I stopped reading Pando articles. It wasn't a conscious boycott. It just happened after reading a few articles and seeing little to no value in exchange for the time reading each one.

Ok I chuckled on this one.

I wonder how much money this sort of non-article article brings in, and I wonder at how soon before we're using bayesian techniques to generate these sorts of stories from non-actual-authors. Automaton authors serving page views to automaton viewers clicking on ads they will never read.

The advertisers know they are getting fleeced, see the story about the Facebook hordes. I wonder when that particularly sorry pigeon will come to roost.

I wonder if the author did any research or reflection into the supply chain of the local shops he so self-ingratiatingly now espouses. Does he know for sure that the books he special orders from inside of a building other than his home don't just, you know, come from Amazon?

Actually, that would make a lot of sense. If a bookstore ordered its special-order books from Amazon, it could get them shipped for free in two days (with Prime) and re-sell the book for list price, making a decent profit. Probably a lot faster than ordering the book from the publisher.

The word Amazon appears in this article 34 times. The actual article is the same "zen fluff" of "I need less consumer goods" and "I was suddenly realizing I was buying useless crap".

Articles like this are more appropriate for the writer's personal diary. I don't see how his spending habits have anything to do with Amazon.

I don't buy from amazon, because they don't have any cash, prepaid card options in my country (not until I last checked it)

Fine, then don't.

(These words were just about as enlightening as the article.)

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