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Most of these tools are nowhere near what flash can do. Inverse kinematics ? vector drawing ? filters ? advanced interactions ? perfect audio sync ? video integration ?...

Even at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'd like to mention that my Radi animation app supports vector drawing, filters, audio sync, integrated video with effects, and has element and frame level scripting for advanced interactions :) http://radiapp.com

Okay, after starting it for the 3rd time and not maximizing the app I could interact with the gui for a while. But then I clicked on Top-Level-Element Audio and couldn't click anything else anymore afterwards... By the way, trying to resize the window has the same effect like clicking fullscreen: The window area becomes mostly white with some grey rectangles in it. Only fix is to quit...

Sorry about that! I assure you it's not supposed to do that :)

Is your Retina MacBook Pro the 13" model? I wonder if there's an incompatibility with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU. I don't have one for testing, but in the past I've seen quite a few issues related to how Intel's integrated GPUs diverge from the traditional NVIDIA/AMD chips.

Could you look in the Console to see if there's something printed when you run the app and things go wrong? This is getting off-topic for a HN thread, so if you have a moment to look into this, please drop me an email: pauli /at/ lacquer dot fi. Thanks!

Looks quite good, but seems buggy on my retina macbook. First time I started it I couldn't click anything. Second time I started it I tried maximizing, which turned the screen white, had to quite again. Now I'll try for a 3rd time... ;-)

looks great.

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