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Poker. A good player has a pretty huge advantage over average players given a decent sample size.

I would say that poker is one of the least passive "investments" one could make, unless you spend your time training a bot.

Do you have a way to make money from poker that isn't a linear function of the hours you spend at a poker table?

Open a casino?

Don't average players not play for money? Also where do you find people to make money from, you can get a few K out of your friends but is it worth it?

There are plenty of people who play for money that are horrible players. I am going later today to play at a live spot in Ebro, Florida. The demographic is largely working class folks playing for the thrill and they're not the best players in the world. You can make 50 to 100 an hour there if you play your game right. As they say in Rounders, win one big hand an hour.

One big hand an hour is the definition of a linear return on time.


The point of the post is to discover passive investment opportunities, not employment options.

do you play live or online? and at what stakes?

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