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1. Make programming a compulsory subject in high/secondary schools.

2. Hope that some of those students become teachers after their tertiary education where programming is included. Now you have 8 year olds being competently taught how to program.

3. Realise that teaching every kid to program doesn't work. The nerds now do hardware.

4. Government decides that all kids should learn to tinker with arduino.

My point is: not all kids needs to learn to program, only to know that it is something they might be interested in.

I take your points, especially the one about hardware, but the government has decided that, indeed, programming of some kind will be taught in schools! The development timescale is next year or the year after, so these skills will be delivered by existing staff.

My point is: teaching environments like Scratch, or Web sites with visually appealing interactive content related to programming will be in demand. Watch the social stuff though, we have a big safeguarding agenda in the UK.

What does the government want to achieve with this program? Has it been done elsewhere (Im thinking India but its not the same, is it?) You're right, visual appeal is key but I'd go lower and start with something physical, lego-like and kid-friendly, meant to filter for those who can, at that age, program something. Then work up thru scratch etc to actual coding. But the biggest problem will be to get the teachers used to teaching it. Would like to read more about it, any links?

The official stuff is here


but you wont find anything specific in that (our dear government is good at saying what is wrong, and demanding change but less good at saying what it actually wants - you can't be wrong then!)

The links in my original post give the flavour. There was further consultation and a couple of speeches by Gove. I'll dig those out after tea

EDIT: one proposed curriculum model


This tells you where the ICT teachers are


(the emphasis on basic computer skills probably represents the managerial response to the previous National Curriculim: skills development was ghetto-ised into ICT instead of word processing as part of English, spreadsheets in Maths &c)

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