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Instagram may have lost nearly 25% of its users (nypost.com)
10 points by lsr7 1757 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

daily usage is not the same as user counts

Not to mention the NY Post is not the same thing as credible, non sensational tech journalism.

If it makes the beloved unviable overhyped startup look bad, it must be because of "sensationalism", "bad journalism", or maybe the numbers are just down because of "the holidays". Or maybe if the article is accurate about the drop in daily users, maybe, just maybe, the user count is still the same?? Sometimes it's difficult to accept the truth.

Actually... I think it's because I'm an ex tech journo and am jaded from seeing how reporting like this happens. Not because I particularly care for instagram.

It could also be timing - I wonder how the holidays affected these numbers.

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