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Kim Dotcom To Host Mega’s Launch Event At His Mansion Next Month (techcrunch.com)
30 points by talhof8 1813 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

The only way to get people to forget about Dotcom and his antics is to just ignore stories about him.

I personally feel that he has been too successful at using the media to make himself out to be innocent and revolutionary.

His enemies didn't do their homework. They totally underestimated him. "Play a sucker to catch a sucker". Just because he is fat and makes stupid videos doesn't mean he is stupid. He is wicked smart with an impressive track record.

Dotcom was known for being good with the media, just because he kept a low profile for a while doesn't mean he changed there.

He was always in a shady area, but he burned himself once with a really illegal dialer and learned from it.

He is a player and never stops.

Looking at his history, nothing he does now is surprising.

They should have made a deal with him, buy Megaupload and hope he settles down playing CoD.

If there were thousands of better alternate privacy protecting systems being developed and deployed, I'd be happy to ignore Kim Dotcom for being potentially less interesting.

As it is, there really isn't much interesting going on now. There was more in the late 1990s and even mid-2000s.

We've got...bitcoin, which is interesting as a distributed system but pretty irrelevant economically and not great or interesting from a privacy perspective.

Pervasive SSL and VPNs seems to be about the best we can hope for now, and some improvements (like cert pinning). And we don't even have that, now, even though it's more than feasible.

Vendors have gotten better at OS level security, especially on mobile, but not in ways which help decentralization -- a lot of it actually pushes toward more security against small threats (hackers, thieves, etc.) but more vulnerability against the state or vendor lock-out.

Launching a filehosting site that is end-to-end encrypted at the browser and using 3rd party nodes for the file hosting without being a torrent network sounds revolutionary, at least to me.

By providing the encryption keys that only the user owns is helping to stay within the DMCA Safe Harbour. In that case the legal issues of the content are the concern of the user, not the service provider. Please correct if I'm wrong.

I'll be willing to forget about megaupload when they give everyone access back to the files they uploaded. Sure everyone is supposed to have backups, but that doesn't mean it's okay for a third party to take away their cloud-hosted copy.

Why should we wish to forget about him? He is the single best way to drag the powers that be to the closest legal equivalent of the Siberian gulag they so rightly deserve.

I'm so excited about this. I can't wait to see how this guy sticks it to the US government and the MAFIAA that's basically bribing them through campaign donations and lobbying.


He wa compliant with DMCA requests and even gave content owners direct access to delete copyrighted files. The purpose of the DMCA is to remove liability from hosts like MegaUpload.


You don't have any direct experience, therefore hearsay and secondary sources are more reliable? You wouldn't happen to be an editor on Wikipedia, would you?

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