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Did this hack myself a month or two ago - I go the XBMC route (openElec) on the Pi with Airfoil for Windows to stream Spotify. That combination is finicky - sometimes requires one or two connects. When spotify releases a libspotify compiled for the right ARM architecture (something about floating point?) I'm going to run http://www.mopidy.com/

The disadvantage of the headphone port of the Raspberry Pi is that it used to put out absolutely awful sound, but that may have improved. Using shairport also has bugs - the audio output from the script sometimes has pops and after about 10 or 20 minutes will randomly disconnect.

A tip to avoid the headphone port: Either use the HDMI port or try a usb soundcard http://elinux.org/RPi_VerifiedPeripherals#USB_Sound_Cards

Yeah, should've clarified that - XBMC comes up on HDMI now and audio is routed through my TV to play music.

That's really cool! I want to play around with getting this to play music directly from the internet somehow. I tried XBMC at first but I didn't like how much input it needed to get going and how flaky the results were.

You're right that the headphone port is (still) pretty crappy. I've got the model B 512MB revision and I still hear a lot of static.

Have you heard of despotify? As long as you have a premium account, it's a 3rd party library with a CLI interface that works well on the Pi.

Tried it, but when I got my Pi it wouldn't install - something about having a different version of the OS/firmware. Might have to try that again though

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