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I haven't read this article but I find the title highly objectionable. There is a recent distressing trend in UI design that providing the user with options always makes the UI harder to use. This means taking control away from users and giving it to best case devs who may not have thought of everything worst case suits with corporate agendas etc. Computers are supposed to make peoples lives easier not pidgeon-hole them into cookie-cutter lives. Sure the ideal UI doesn't require instructions but UI design is hard and I'm tired of seeing shortcuts. If you need instructions once in a while that's fine. People take college courses in how to use excel. They can read a five paragraph description of your UI. And if it tells them about features that they were hoping to see that you didn't omit to dumb down your UI for them then they might even like it better.

Ok, I've read it now and maybe this isn't so bad but I do think walk-throughs have their place. In general I think UI design needs to be more thoroughly explored as a field.

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