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OpenGL, C++ and Javascript? The winning ticket for the "brokenness" trifecta. I can't think of a combination in modern computing that would rot a mind quicker than these three.

There are already languages and tools that combine simplicity, sophistication and conceptual elagance. Scheme, Scratch, Oz, and yes, Hackety Hack.

I'm not understanding why you are praising Scheme and criticizing Javascript - the biggest differences between them seem syntactic.

You don't know Scheme if you think their differences are just syntactic. Hint: what about that whole prototype object sysytem?

There is a running joke in PL research that "programming languages = lambda calculus + constants". Scheme IS λ + k. JavaScript is that plus the kitchen sink with the Ringling Brothers Circus caravan in tow.

Syntax is critically important when teaching the average beginner.

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