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frozenport 474 days ago | link | parent

Not sure what you mean. It was a 68k emulator that implemented part of the old mac rom. Not sure how this helps with PowerPC or Intel OS X.

orionblastar 474 days ago | link

Well it is an example of emulating the old Classic 68K Mac and running software apps for that platform.

I felt it is related to the OS X emulation effort, they'd just have to add in a PowerPC emulation and then do the Macintosh system ROM a bit to run Mac OS X code, potentially.

I thought it might be of use to those looking to run old 68K Mac apps.


nobleach 473 days ago | link

If anyone is looking to run an old 68K app, let me recommend Basilisk. It runs System 7 really well. I haven't tried anything newer.


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