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Having worked on a translation layer for a large API (my project Alky converted Windows games to run on Linux and OS X), building something like this solo is just asking for pain. An open source project with solid direction is much more likely to end well. Also, Executor really couldn't be changed to support OS X; totally different architecture, no processor emulation, etc.

At the end of the day, it's really just API translation; not a technically difficult project, just an incredibly intensive one.

How does ARDI Executor compare to the Mac OS X emulation in this linked article? Are they on the right path, or does Executor do things differently?

They're really not comparable at all. Executor is a 68k emulator + APIs for OS7; the tough part there is doing the emulation properly, and then just implementing all the APIs. Darling is just a binary loader + APIs; the loader is trivial but there are a bajillion APIs. Probably 3-4 orders of magnitude more complexity in Darling, simply due to how much is in OS X.

I do think they're on the right track, though. Hoping to lend a hand when I get some free time.

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