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Get off HN and work
18 points by gaussianblur 1582 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite
Just a friendly nudge from a longtime lurker-

The holiday break has given me some extra bandwidth to stay up-to-date on HN, but I've found myself spending too much time consuming and not enough time producing. Get out there and make something cool! (I'm learning Rails :P)

Checking out Flask to get off Rails.

Trying to figure out how to sed script all of the double spaces in gtypist to single space. I know that the sed line would be:

  sed 's/  / /g';
I'm just not sure how run to through all the files and do the switch. I think I might just do it by hand. Theres only 46 of them.

Get off HN and play, there's plenty of time in the new year to work :)

I have to take a coding challenge... eventually. It's hard not to procrastinate.

And I'm porting the Symfony2 profiler over to Silex :)

Working on a twitter bot.

Wasting and hour a day on hacker news increased my productivity tremendously. I have had cases where I have a problem and the solution is on first page. Or a simple search can find a lot off good info even better than stackoverflow. Pretty nice side effect for non QA site.

totally agree. Working too much without knowing what happens around the world is bad. But I am sometimes stuck in one side of these, too much involving social or too much working. Finding my own balance

n im reading this on HN

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