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Ask HN: When travelling a mile or less, do you walk or drive?
2 points by sunnybythesea on Dec 28, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I walk. We chose our house location with substituting walking for driving in mind. We can walk to the local public library, and to much of our shopping. I just went on a shopping trip today on foot, enjoying the falling snow on my way back. (Most of our trips are a mile out and a mile back, and very pleasant, as the city trail follows the path of a creek.)

Living in the US, the only three places I can get to within a mile are the business where I get my hair cut, my children's school, and the veterinarians' office.

I almost always walk the dogs to the veterinarians', and also to get my hair cut, however I often drive the kids to school because from there I commute to work.

I'm an avid walker and am always surprised when people casually drive somewhere they could have easily walked. I'm wondering how many people (especially people in the tech community) prefer to walk when possible. Or is it just an American cultural thing? (I live here now, but wasn't raised here).

I walk about 0.7 miles to the train station daily to commute to work (NY/NJ area). However in the US, it is more common for ppl to drive specially in winter.

I live in a city, so I can and do walk. In fact I don't own a car.

I also suspect suburbanites have fewer destinations that are <= a mile.

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