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MariaMole, an Arduino IDE for advanced developers (and beginners too) (dalpix.com)
41 points by jamesbritt 1638 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite

Rather than insulting you for committing the mortal HN sin of releasing on Windows, I'm going to say - great job. Looks fantastic and it is great to see how vibrant the Arduino community is these days. Keep up the good work and good luck with your search for contributors.

I've sent the author an email offering help with moving it to a toolkit of some sort that is not so tightly tied to windows. wx or qt or anything that's not windows only.


Wrong thread?

Disappointing that it is Windows only.

If you have the time, skills, and inclination to help, see item 4):


Can you write in which language/toolkit is MariaMole written? I think it's a fundamental information when asking people for help with the code.

C++, using VCL [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_Component_Library ], unfortunately. A port would largely be a rewrite of the entire GUI bit. The rest is fairly portable, except it assumes some things about how the arduino install is structured.

It's not my project, but the source files are C++:


Disappointing is to see this type of comment in a forum like this. Isn't this supposed to be Hacker News? Quit complaining, get the code, make it work, commit it back to the repo, write about it, and post here. That's the hacker way.

BTW, kudos to the OP for releasing this!

> get the code, make it work

I've developed on Windows and for Windows for quite some time and I can tell you while it's not hard to make *nix code work on Windows, it can be devilishly complicated to make Windows code portable to anything else. Usually, the best strategy is to keep a very clear separation between core functionality and user interface code and forget about making the UI portable unless you use absolutely nothing Windows-specific.

It's almost as if it's done on purpose. Microsoft gains very little from making code written originally for Windows portable to other platforms and a lot from making it next to impossible to port your code away from Windows once you get it running on it.

After attempting to use the Eclipse plugin tonight, failing, and reverting back to the Arduino IDE, I too would be interested in this making it to Linux.

Out of curiosity, how was the name chosen,... MariaMole?

Not sure how that was chosen, but sounds cool. It's a Brazilian candy, very cheap and delicious. I think it is made of coconut, sugar and jelly.


Thank you for this wonderful Arduino IDE! Cheers :)

Most of my projects occur on Linux, save dealing with iPhone unlocking/jailbreaking (done in VirtualBox).

I hope they get the Linux port out stat, because the Windows one is pretty useless to me.

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