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There's a lot of posts here against this article. If you do metrics on tutorials, tons of people skip. Even if you don't allow skip, a lot of people are just going to plow through ignoring a lot. Heck, lots of people leave the app entirely and never come back. I've seen this in my own games.

Tutorials just aren't very fun. That's why games so often have to sort of build the tutorial into the gameplay somehow, make it more piecemeal and interactive. Which is what the article is getting at. So you can think of it more as "don't make crappy boring tutorials" like popups and step by step screenshots.

User studies with web sites have show users search pages/sites just enough to find something that sounds vaguely like their current goal. They don't analyze the entire thing and read every link and then make a decision. Showing a bunch of images and a next button is sort of forcing them to do that, but it won't stick and they won't like it.

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