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This is of great interest to me because I've always wanted to run this...


On one of these:


Designing live performance environments in Max is awesome, but laptops just are not designed for the rigors of the road. They are delicate creatures that stand in awkwardly, at best, for musical instruments. Max running on the Receptor would be incredible, and hopefully not too challenging considering the environment is largely self-contained with very few external dependencies.

Isn't PureData (http://puredata.info/) the open source equivalent, available to run native on Linux, and fairly feature compatible?

What features does pd not have that you need? (Alternatively, if you really do need max/msp, for the price of the receptor you could buy a pair of mac minis and have redundancy if one of them dies on the road -- obviously the receptor isn't just a computer, but laptops aren't the only alternative).

Seeings as the Receptor is rack mount, I assume you have a rolling roadie case you're wanting to keep it in.

This is what you are looking for: http://www.powermax.com/parts/code/PM_CU_XS

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