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Some thoughts on organizational complexity (daltoncaldwell.com)
35 points by LiveTheDream 1638 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite

Organizational complexity can show up in odd ways in a shipping product. For instance, why does a single product, the Microsoft Surface, give consumers the option between two very different OSes: one model with “Windows RT” and another with “Windows 8 Pro”.

Can someone pen a counterpoint to this? I feel that one exists but I am not able to get it out. Basically, I see tonnes of assumptions in the above and that basically, it is almost all bad. Yet, there is something about it that must still be working: the company behind it continues to make billions. Why? How? Is there nothing to learn from that?

It is easy to make fun of large companies and their structures and yet Dalton himself probably wouldn't mind building a billion dollar empire with the similar type of "red tape".

I really liked this:

More companies die of indigestion than from starvation. - David Packard

I think it's highly relevant right now as more and more startups are getting funded. It sometimes seems like those startups are thinking "Now what?"

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