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Ask HN: Ideas for open source Python projects/libraries
8 points by dotpot 1760 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite
Let's share ideas!

A library to manipulate jsonlike data structures (letting you query, pivot, aggregate, etc.)

Pandas can do most of what you want.

Any pointers ?

The only way I can think would be a rather convoluted conversion to dataframe process, which would be a pain to convert back.

It has a python reader; then you pivot, aggregate, whatever within pandas semantics (series, dataframes, panels), and you can export it to json again.

I'm reading the pandas book right now, and there's examples of all of these things. One line to read json, one line to convert back, no pain.

New soap module (current soap modules are big, outdated, not very much pythonic (except suds, but suds is outdated)

An Updated Gaming Library written in Python.

Better logging module !!!

^^ u crazy :D

why? just check logging code (with writes to file & stdout)...

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