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Bash Finder: Control the Finder from the Terminal (github.com)
12 points by HendrikR 1758 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

Neat idea, but:

    mv .bash_profile ~/.bash_profile
No thanks, I have my own things in there.

I too am confused as to why the author has chosen to include their entire Bash configuration in this repository. As far as I can tell, this is the only interesting file:


So you'd just want to rename this to something obvious like "osx-finder.bash" and source that file.

I also wasted a fair amount of time looking through these files, trying to figure out what all the miscellaneous bash configs had to do with the stated purpose. I did find that there is a nice undocumented feature of the cdff command, which allows you to specify the directory of a window lower in the stack by sending a numeral as the positional parameter.

On a similar note, if you just want to open a new Finder window to the current working directory (instead of using an existing Finder window), just use

  open .
The 'open' command has tons of uses (open a file with a specific application, reveal a file in Finder, open a URL in the user's browser, etc.) and I recommend reading its man page.

Cool stuff. In a perfect world, it would be awesome to have the terminal be a pane attached to the Finder window. :)

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