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This article is a great promotion for Cloudflare, but it does not really explain WHY page speed matters. Of course we all want our websites to load fast. I'd be more curious to see how the speed correlates with your conversion rates.

Google and Amazon have put out studies on this, and I wouldn't be surprised if Cloudflare has done so as well. Speed absolutely ties in to conversions.

Amazon's report: "Every 100ms delay costs 1% of sales"



Well, I understand it matters for Amazon and Google, but I'd be curious to see how it works in case of OP's website. Obviously it's going to be different from Amazon. I guess the subject is a little bit misleading.


I'm sure it varies by market, so the only way to know for sure would be to set up an A/B test and introduce artificial slowness.


Author here. I am no way connected to CloudFlare. Just evaluating them since they have a free plan.

Everything else IIRC needs a credit card and I am not willing to use that.

That said I am not 100% happy with CloudFlare.


I see very mixed results from people using CloudFlare


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