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A Developer’s Year in Review (mahdiyusuf.com)
37 points by hcab 1638 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

> Get better at design.

> Learn a new language.

> Do more open source.

> Write fewer blog posts.

> Focus (utterly failed here)

These seem like prime examples of "bullshit goals" [1] that aren't actionable. For goals to be useful they should be quantifiable and accountable.

*[1]: http://www.two-shay.com/articles/avoid-bullshit-goals

Hey Mahdi,

Ignore baconface. Great review, it's interesting to see things from a developers point of view. I was hoping to see more of what you learned in design. I might make some speaker deck presentations myself.

I wrote a similar post from a UX Designers point of view: http://mustefa.com/looking-back-at-my-ux-career-in-2012/

Thanks for sharing - I love reading these end of the year reviews.

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