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Which software did you use for both setups? I presume Raspbmc for the media centre?

Not OP, but you could probably run the debian version created for the Pi, and then just install whatever packages (samba, webmin, etc) you needed on top of that.

We have 1 Pi at home running RaspBMC and it's great. The thing I like most about the Raspberry Pi is that you can swap out SD cards and reboot, and suddenly have a totally different machine, doing something totally different.

> swap out SD cards and reboot

That's something I was wondering about: is there some state inside the Rpi itself? If not, then a system backup/restore is only a matter of dding on the SDcard.

That's essentially it, nothing is stored anywhere else. You could theoretically just have a bunch of disk images sitting on your desktop and write to the the RPi SD card whatever image you wanted it to run.

Yes, RaspBMC for the media center.

Plain Raspbian for the NAS/music player, plus Samba, mpd, minidlna.

I am not perfectly satisfied with RaspBMC however. I'd rather build the thing myself, piece by piece, so I have only what I need and know what to change when my needs change.

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